How much product should I use and how do I apply the product?

Most people apply 3-5 sprays of the refreshing, vaporless mist under each dry armpit for effective coverage. For some people, after shaving the sensitive underarm area, they may experience a mild, brief stinging sensation, but it is minor and temporary. If you experience a more severe stinging, wait until the next day to reapply.

How effective is the Odor Cancelling Technology?

Some people can go for up to 5 days without having to reapply Mojave Myst before under-arm body odor returns. Others prefer to use the product daily. For some people, the product works immediately after the first application, for others, a few-day “detox” period may be needed. Even with daily use, one 2 oz. bottle of Mojave Myst lasts approximately two months. While Mojave Myst does not claim to be an anti-perspirant, most people experience less sweating. For some people, the deodorant is still effective after bathing or swimming.

What are the main reasons people prefer Mojave Myst over traditional stick/roll-on deodorants/anti-perspirants and how does Mojave Myst compare to other organic/non-traditional body odor eliminating products?

A brief two-word answer: It works!

However, here are some more specific observations and comments we have gathered from people who are sold-out Mojave Myst fans:

a. Mojave Myst contains NO ALUMINUM, and this is important because aluminum has been shown to be a risk factor in the area of long-term, lose-dose exposure to harmful chemicals including traditional ingredients in other products like preservatives, artificial fragrance, or other questionable chemicals. Toxicologists are studying the effects of harmful chemicals in low-doses and the team at Mojave Myst is excited that this alternative to traditional deodorants is now available.

Reference: https://theconversation.com/can-low-doses-of-chemicals-affect-your-health-a-new-report-weighs-the-evidence-82132

b. Mojave Myst is NON-TOXIC. Currently, Mojave Myst is in “patent pending” status.

c. Mojave Myst is easy to apply and compared to some organic paste products, the invisible vapor spray is not sticky.

d. Mojave Myst will not melt or freeze. This is important for people in service industries or those people who live/vacation in extreme weather areas. Melted deodorant in your suitcase can ruin your personal items and leave you without deodorant in critical times. For people living in extreme cold, Mojave Myst was tested and the product does not freeze nor does the spray nozzle become clogged.

What are some of the other benefits of Mojave Myst?

Cleanliness is one of the other added benefits of Mojave Myst. Many people are excited about the product because they no longer experience unsightly white residue on their clothes and they also say they do not have to wash their clothes as often. Many people in the fashion and entertainment industry no longer worry about damaging sensitive fabrics and others say they can now wear tank tops without worrying about staining their clothes in the under-arm area.

Another benefit of Mojave Myst is that the company is committed to fundraising for nonprofit organizations that work to benefit public health and environmental conservation. Keep up to date with Mojave Myst to support our philanthropic partners as they become available. A full 10% of every bottle purchased is donated to nonprofit organizations that have been researched and are supported philanthropically by Mojave Myst, Inc.

I love the Clean Coconut scent, but is Mojave Myst planning on unveiling other scents?

Thank you for your kind compliment, and yes, our company plans on unveiling other refreshing scents in the future. Please sign up for our mailing list and you will be the first to know.

What is your Refund policy?

Refunds are accepted for any reason within 30 days of purchase. Please return any unwrapped or wrapped products to Mojave Myst within 30 days of purchase by requesting a shipping address label through e-mail at returns@mojavemyst.com. The full product purchase cost, including shipping/handling and tax will be refunded to you. Because original shipping/handling and tax costs are refunded in full to you, you just need to request the return shipping label and then use your own postage to ship the wrapped/unwrapped product(s) back to us.