I am an 11-year breast cancer survivor. As a former breast cancer patient, it is important for me to use clean and safe products that are not harmful to me or the environment. That is why I use Mojave Myst. It feels good, it smells good, and it works well, too. Please join me in raising funds for the Dr. Susan Love Foundation or Breast Cancer Research. Ten percent of every bottle purchased will be donated to help eradicate breast cancer. Thanks for your support!

Breast Cancer Survivor & Patient Advocate • MALIBU, CA

I am a nurse who works in a hospital on a COVID unit. We have to wear heavy gowns and personal protective equipment. I used to have to reapply my traditional deodorant three times in one shift. Now that I have started using Mojave Myst, I can go 3-5 days without body odor. This product is spectacular! This is an absolutely amazing product and I recommend it to everybody.

Registered Nurse, Intensive Care COVID Unit • TULSA, OK

I love that Mojave Myst sprays on so easily. There is no thick residue or white marks on my shirts. I had no smell even after sweating in 115-degree heat!

Graduate Student & Academic Advisor • PHOENIX, AZ

I received a gift of Mojave Myst from a friend. I am pretty skeptical towards new products and have huge issues finding good ones, as my skin is very sensitive. All forms of stick deodorants contain some level of chemicals or other toxins, which tend to give me a rash. I could not find anything on the market until I found Mojave Myst. I've taken it with me on a few trips to Europe, hiking, plane travel, etc. It does exactly what I need, it eliminates my body odor without irritation. This is the next HUGE thing. Thank you!

Documentary Producer • LOS ANGELES, CA

If I had to describe Mojave Myst in one word, that word would be MAGICAL. I have personally suffered from an irritation in my armpit the past two summers. Mojave Myst cleared it up within days!! Not only does it contain healing elements, the product REALLY works. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product! I will never live without it!

Hair Stylist • PALM SPRINGS, CA

I have been using Mojave Myst for more than one year and I am so thrilled I have found this product. I’ve used every natural deodorant on the market and this is the only one that works – and I mean really works. One month into use, I threw away all my other deodorants and the thought of returning to them has not crossed my mind once. The vapor mist delivers a cool rush that has become a really delicious part of my morning routine, and it leaves zero trace on delicate and black clothing. This formula is both sumptuous and effective, and I will be back for more.

Psychologist • SAN FRANCISCO, CA

My experience using Mojave Myst has been transformative in many ways. One way being my change of perspective on what I use on my body. After using this product consistently for over a year I realized I was unconsciously using low grade stick deodorant. Now that I have found the best there is no going back to my old stick deodorant.

Hair Stylist • PALM SPRINGS, CA

I cannot wait for the product to become available for sale. I have an 18-year-old football lineman and a 22-year-old male working a physical summer job. I made the mistake of sharing Mojave Myst with them to see if it works at that level – young, stinky males. Well, needless to say, I have to hide it now and they come to me every few days and ask if I will spray them. Please: I beg you to bring this to market.

Mother, Grandmother, and Nurse Practitioner • PA

S.O.S. I repeat: S.O.S. I am out of my bottle of Mojave Myst. I have been wearing my tank tops this summer with confidence.

Student Nurse • THOUSAND OAKS, CA